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What does Christmas represent?

This time Nova gave me a difficult task, to think about Christmas a little further...

At Nova we decided to go deeper, to dig a little deeper. What is Christmas? What does it mean for each one of us? What is it that unites us? Beyond the religious, historical and cultural significance.

So, I've been thinking for a while now, what is Christmas, really?

I believe that Christmas is hope. It is a set of desires that are dressed up on the night of the 24th. That day that we look at the sky and wish with all our strength looking at our favorite star.

I believe that Christmas is nostalgia. It is a necessary nostalgia, it is the one that connects us with what is no longer here, with those who are no longer here. Possibly many of us on this date also raise our glasses looking at the sky, looking at the stars for the complicity of those who are gone.

For me, Christmas is family. Whatever it is, in whatever form it takes, friends who are family, pets, your favorite and familiar place, everything you can call family. Yes, that's what Christmas is.

Christmas is hugs, the ones you may not have given for a long time.

Christmas is gratitude. It is that moment when we look back, to our side and inward and give thanks.

Christmas is innocence. Automatically, when we think of Christmas, we travel back to our childhood, and we all feel like recovering that magic.

This is what Christmas is all about, magic. The magic of believing, dreaming, sharing, loving, but above all, the magic of connecting with our inner child.

From Nova we hope that this Christmas you rediscover all your inner selves, find the love of your loved ones, cling more than ever to your dreams and above all, don't stop losing the magic of being alive.

I hope you keep looking to the stars...

Joselina Sánchez

Content Writer, Copywriter & Blogger at Nova Connect

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