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All of us at some point in our life are students. One of the most beautiful times in life, and where, probably, you will find your best friends.

Today, we invite you to stop for a moment, to pause, to stop doing what you are doing and reminisce about your student self. If you are studying today, take the time to analyze every detail. If you are no longer studying, I give you a direct passage to the past, so that your mind travels to your college days.

Do you know what kind of student you are? Do you remember how you were when you were studying?

At Nova Connect, we want to bring you this fun, diverse and nostalgic list of five types of students.

1) "I blew it!" and she gets a 9. We were all this type of student some time, or we all have a friend or colleague who is. This is the typical one who comes out regretting the exam and saying that he did everything wrong, and you and I know that he is surely doing well, because he always does the same thing. Probably is her cabala.

2) The one who eats in class. This is the typical one that always carries a packet of cookies in the backpack, or sweets, or a sandwich because he forgot to eat lunch, and why not, also a soda. He cannot be without pecking something, it is as if he is bored and time is passing faster because he is eating. Let's confess, this happens to all of us.

3) The one who is always late. Possibly he is the one who lives closest and even if he only has to cross one street, he will always manage to get to class late. It is not known how or why, but it is like a talent that he has.

4) The one who always does homework ... in class. "I didn't know you had to do homework", "When did you say it?", "Was there homework?", "I forgot, but I'll do it in a second." His talent is temperance and relaxation, because although the teacher is about to enter class, he has the grace to finish the task just on time and without any remorse.

5) The one who does not bring anything to class. Possibly in your notebook you have fewer and fewer pages, but not because you have written them all, but because so far this year you have given half a notebook to your partner. Oh, and the pen, and the pencil and the eraser. And… "Excuse me, but can I borrow the pink highlighter? I just left everything at home." Every day she leaves the house as if she were going to the park with friends, with nothing, only her cell phone and her beautiful dignity. The worst of all is that at home she has everything without brand new.

Bonus Track

6) The one with the phone. Possibly you are in class and you receive a WhatsApp with a Youtube link to see a cat fight, among other random things. Your classmate from the back row sent them to you, the only thing he does in class is to be with his mobile.

7) The one who always has excuses: This is the master soul in creativity, he always has a good excuse to defend his continuity in the course. From: “My dog got surgery” to “My little brother put my homework in the washing machine”.

And you? Which one do you identify more with?

Joselina Sánchez

Blogger & Content Creator at Nova Connect

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