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Solidarity actions at Christmas

In this uncertain world and in this overwhelming context, we believe that a good way to bring a little harmony is empathizing, raising awareness, educating and thinking of others.

That's why today we bring you a list of 5 solidarity actions you can do this Christmas.

1 - Do you really use all the clothes you have in your closet? If not, you can consider selecting the clothes you don't want and that are in good condition and donate them. There are many people who will be grateful for them. 👕👗

2 - Recycle. The environment is our home, our roof, our oxygen. If only we stop to think for a second before throwing our waste and select the correct container, we are already doing our bit. Educate your peers, educate the children and set an example. ♻️

3 - You can find out if in your neighborhood or in your city during the Christmas season food collections are organized. It is usually very common at this time of the year. You can also take advantage of your idea to the supermarket and buy a package or several packages of non-perishable food and donate it to a soup kitchen or association. 🍚🍎

4 - There are more and more animals that need a permanent home, and you can collaborate by taking them in temporarily until they find one. You can also collaborate with animal shelters, taking them for a walk from time to time or making a donation of food/clothes. The animals will be very grateful. 🐶🐱

5 -Toys, toys... the star of this Christmas season. Many children do not receive any gifts at Christmas and maybe you or your nephews/nieces, children, cousins have many that they no longer use. Become the best Santa Claus and give gifts to the children who will not be able to have them. Make sure that the toys you donate are in good condition and clean.

Christmas can be a good time to do these solidarity actions, but remember that we must always apply them in our daily lives. Solidarity is our best ally in this uncertain and unequal world.

Christmas is almost here...🎅🏼

Joselina Sánchez

Content Writer, Copywriter & Blogger at Nova Connect

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